business with us

Solutions, not sales pitches

When you need solutions to your business problems, and answers for your business challenges, get in touch with our people who can deliver answers. We engage with our customers by giving solutions, not sales pitches.

Commercial Models

We recommend Fixed Price model for projects which gives you a clear information on the scope, costs and quality objectives of the project right at the beginning. We also recommend milestone based payment model which demonstrate a clear path to completion. For certain projects where the Fixed Price Model cannot be applied, we suggest other commercial models like Capped Time & Material and Activity Based pricing. Irrespective of the commercial model selected, we ensure to give maximum clarity, simplicity and transparency in commercial matters right from the beginning of the engagement. We follow industry best practices related to the commercial terms and conditions and we always keep it easy for our clients.

Sensimple adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, and has all the necessary licenses and approvals for doing business.

Intellectual property protection

India has been a World Trade Organisation (WTO) member since 1995. This requires member nations to establish intellectual property (IP) laws whose effect is in line with minimum standards. As a result, there should be few major differences between India’s laws and those of other developed countries. This means that if you are doing business with Sensimple, you will find some similarity between local IP law and enforcement procedures, and those in force in your country. You may find a detailed analysis and recommendation done by UK Intellectual property office here.

Sensimple treats protection of IP of our clients as a primary requirement. Our contracts clearly state this. We also have back to back IP protection agreement with each and every of our employee so that our clients IP remain protected even of our employees leave us.


All payments to Sensimple will be through Bank Transfer to our company account. We provide easy to use method for paying for Sensimple services which will be very clearly explained in the invoices. We take every step to ensure that the payment process remain simple and inexpensive. We adhere strictly to the guidelines and regulations set by Reserve Bank of India to ensure hassle free transactions with our clients.

Engagement Process

We adopted industry good practices for engaging with our clients. We follow simple, consistent and standard procedures for all our engagements.

Once Sensimple and the Client are ready to get into an outsourcing agreement, the first step is to get a mutually acceptable Master Service Agreement signed, which will have the general terms and conditions  along with the standard provisions which will govern the specific outsourcing programs and projects. Subsequently, a Statement of Work is signed off which clearly articulates the details of specific project or program related requirements. Finally, a commercial model will be mutually agreed which will be awarded to Sensimple through a Purchase Order from the client. Every agreement we sign will have a provision for change which provides a path for accommodating post agreement changes in a mutually beneficial manner without going through any time consuming discussions.

Communication Plan

A clear communication plan is an important key in the success of any outsourcing engagement. Every contract with our clients will have a detailed communication plan mentioned which will be adhered throughout the project in a time bound manner. We keep our customers informed on a day to day basis on the key developments, and a very detailed progress report will be shared on a weekly basis. Every customer will be provided with the details of a single point of contact who will be reachable on 24/7 basis to attend your needs.