digital strategy

Digital Strategy

Successful companies have been using technology for decades, the concept of digitization is not at all new. However, the consumer adoption of technology has gone through exponential changes over the past decade. Concepts which we considered as not relevant a decade back are now powering the mainstream business channels in the digital world. The fact that the online only grocery shop Ocado booked 10 million orders in 2015, and over GBP 1 billion on revenue in 2015 (Ref: Annual Results of Ocado, FY2015) demonstrate the depth of penetration of technology in our day to day life. Another study showed that more than 40% of consumers in Great Britain uses only Online banking. These rapid changes in the customer behavior  demand structural changes for businesses and necessitate rapid adoption of digitization as the highest priority item in their business strategy.

Sensimple recommends the compilation of a long term Digital Strategy and Digital Roadmap as the first step no matter where the companies are in their technology adoption. Moreover, the Digital strategy and roadmap need to be reviewed periodically as the pace of digital technology adoption is beating even the most aggressive predictions. It is important to quantify the near term and long term benefits and conduct periodic reviews on the progress and achievements.

Our digital experts help companies across all industries, regions and growth stages to determine their specific needs and help them pick their digital transformation portfolios. We provide consultancy in the following areas:

  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Customer analytics and insights
  • Digital Sales
  • Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement
  • Customer Relationship Management and Support
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • Web strategy
  • Mobile strategy
  • Social strategy
  • Social Enterprise and Collaboration Strategy