business process

Business Process Design and Re-design

Every organization has aspirations for growth. Emerging and mature organizations attempt to accelerate the growth by adopting industry best practices followed by industry leaders. However, most of the best practices around digital technology are built with the assumption of strong underlying core business processes.

Efficiency and Effectiveness of a company’s core processes drive the company’s profitability, customer satisfaction and overall growth. Poorly designed or ad-hoc processes result in making the organization rigid and limits its scalability. Unfortunately, the poorly designed processes are sometimes projected as the unique and value adding processes which makes the situation even worse. Many organizations continue operating in this condition for long with reduced profitability and stagnant growth, formulating business strategies around market conditions and dynamics. Since the core process foundation is not strong, many of the organizational improvement strategies like digital technology adoption or ERP implementations will deliver poor results, and many times result in failures.

The good news is that the investment made in carefully designing the business process will give ROI within a few months, in addition to making the organization agile and customer friendly. We can help you in designing and redesigning core business processes that can bring in higher levels of efficiency in the operational and business processes.